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Give your audience a way to respond

Power your static HTML with contact and feedback forms

Form Processing in 38 characters

Formtide allows you to collect information from your audience by taking care of form submissions on your static site. Simply add the following code to enable email notifications, input validation, and Zapier integration:
<form action="">

Unlike other form services, we let you create the HTML form yourself. This lets you maintain full control of the design and functionality, without spending time on the boring back-end stuff.

Fitting Your Workflow

Formtide can be as easy as adding an action attribute to your form, but also offers submission validation and advanced usage options. View your audience's responses online, receive emails when submissions are received, or integrate with Zapier to provide unlimited functionality.

Custom Response Pages

Send users to custom success/error pages, or just add your name and logo to ours

Submission Validation

Validate submissions by setting field requirements and adding reCAPTCHA

JSON Responses

Submit HTTP requests and receive JSON responses for full control

Data Exporting

Export CSV files to use your data in spreadsheet software

Zapier Integration

Send submission data to other services in your workflow

Email Submissions

Forward submissions to yourself or your clients



1 Form
100 Submissions / month



3 Forms
Unlimited Submissions



10 Forms
Unlimited Submissions



30 Forms
Unlimited Submissions


Questions or Suggestions?

Have a question about Formtide, or need some clarification? Get in touch:

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